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Latest Company Case About PCB Loading & Unloading Equipment
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PCB Loading & Unloading Equipment

 Latest company case about PCB Loading & Unloading Equipment

SMT Equipment Magazine PCB Loader Unloader used in Production Line

Connect with SMT and AI productions line, safety design ensure not to break any PCB when it is pushed and thus
reduce defect rate. Agility operation. With high accuracy, automatic counting, fault alram functions, it is required for a
full range of automation equipment.
The PCB Loader is designed for loading of PCBs. The unit loads your production line automatically by pushing
PCB’s out of a magazine onto the conveyor of the down-stream machine.
The PCB Unloader is designed for unloading of PCBs, an arriving PCB is taken up by the attached conveyor and
then pushed into the magazine by a specially designed pusher. The magazine indexes to the next position and is
ready for the following unloading cycle.


Description HY-250LD HY-330LD HY-390LD HY-460LD
PCB delivery height 900 +/- 20mm
Direction L-R/ R-L
PCB size(L*W)(MM) 50*50~350*250 50*50~455*330 50*50~530*390 50*50~530*460
Time Feed PCB Approx 6 seconds or Specify
Magazine Change Over time Approx 20 seconds or Specify
Indexing pitch 1-4(10mm pitch) or Specify
Power Source & Consumption 100. 230VAC 1Ph 300VA max
Air Pressure 4-6 bar
Air Consumption 10 ltr/min max
PCB Thickness 0.4mm min
Magazine Rack Size(L*W*H)(MM) 355*320*565 460*400*565 535*460*565 535*530*565
Machine Dimension 1100*780*1200 1400*860*1200 1500*920*1200 1600*1120*1200
weight 140kg 180kg 220kg 250kg

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