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do you know samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine

Do you know samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine ?   The Samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine is a state-of-the-art equipment used in the electronics manufacturing industry for high-speed and high-precision component placement on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The machine is manufactured by Samsung, a leading provider of electronics manufacturing equipment.   Key features and functions of the Samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine include:   1. High-speed placement: The machine is designed to place components on PCBs at a high speed, increasing production efficiency and throughput.   2. High-precision placement: The Samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine offers high precision placement of components, ensuring accurate positioning and alignment on the PCB.   3. Vision system: The machine is equipped with a vision system that allows for component recognition and alignment with high accuracy, even for small and complex components.   4. Multi-functional capabilities: The pick and place machine can handle a wide range of components, including different sizes, shapes, and types, making it versatile for various electronic assembly requirements.   5. User-friendly interface: The machine features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows operators to easily program and control the placement process.   To use the Samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine, operators need to first set up the machine according to the specific PCB layout and component requirements. This includes programming the component placement sequence, configuring the vision system settings, and calibrating the machine for accurate placement.   During operation, the machine picks up components from feeders using vacuum nozzles and accurately places them on the designated locations on the PCB. The vision system ensures precise alignment and placement of components, while the high-speed capabilities of the machine help to optimize production efficiency.   Regular maintenance and calibration of the pick and place machine are essential to ensure optimal performance and accuracy in component placement. The Samsung Decan S1 pick and place machine is a reliable and efficient solution for electronics manufacturers looking to achieve high-speed and high-precision component placement on PCBs.  

How to Use SMD Counter?

Introduction to SMD Counter: The SMD Counter is a versatile and user-friendly electronic device used for counting and verifying surface mount components. It is widely utilized in the electronics industry for quality control, inventory management, and production processes. This compact and portable device is specifically designed for counting small-sized components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and integrated circuits.   Features and Specifications: 1. High Precision: The SMD Counter is equipped with advanced technology that ensures accurate counting and verification of SMD components. 2. Multiple Counting Modes: It offers various counting modes such as manual counting, intelligent counting, and batch counting, allowing for flexibility according to different requirements. 3. User-Friendly Interface: The device features a user-friendly interface with a clear LCD display, intuitive controls, and easily adjustable counting parameters. 4. Fast Counting Speed: The SMD Counter can count components at a high speed, reducing time and increasing work efficiency. 5. Compatibility: It supports a wide range of component sizes, from 0.4mm to 25mm, making it suitable for virtually any SMD component.   How to Use SMD Counter: 1. Power on the device and ensure it is connected to a stable power source. 2. Set the counting mode according to your requirements. The device offers options such as manual counting, intelligent counting, and batch counting. 3. Adjust the component size parameters based on the SMD component being counted. These parameters can be customized through the user interface. 4. Prepare the components for counting by placing them neatly in the counting area of the device. 5. Start the counting process by pressing the "Count" or "Start" button on the device. The device will automatically detect and count the components accurately. 6. The results will be displayed on the LCD screen of the SMD Counter. You can easily read and record the total count of the components. 7. If required, you can reset the device to zero by pressing the "Reset" or "Clear" button before counting the next batch of components. 8. Once the counting process is complete, power off the device and disconnect it from the power source. In conclusion, the SMD Counter is a valuable electronic device used for accurate counting and verification of SMD components. With its user-friendly interface and various counting modes, it simplifies the counting process and enhances work efficiency in the electronics industry.  

electronic products machinery pick and place machine Samsung feeder

Samsung feeder for pick and place machines is an essential component used in surface mount technology (SMT) assembly lines. The Samsung feeder, also known as a Samsung intelligent feeder or Samsung tray, is designed to hold electronic components on a reel or tape and accurately place them onto a circuit board.   The Samsung feeder is primarily used in the operation of pick and place machines, also known as chip shooters or SMT machines. These machines are automated and perform the task of picking up electronic components from the feeder and precisely placing them onto the PCB according to the programmed design.   The Samsung feeder is built with high precision and reliability to ensure accurate component placement. It is available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different component sizes and types. The feeder typically consists of a base, a cover, and one or more input slots for the reels or tapes. The input slots are designed to securely hold the reels or tapes in place during operation. The feeder also has a feed mechanism that advances the component reel or tape as needed, allowing the pick and place machine to access each component.   To load the Samsung feeder, the operator needs to place the reel or tape onto the input slots. The feeder then advances the reel or tape, pulling it into the machine's working area. The pick and place machine's robotic arm uses a vacuum nozzle to pick up individual components from the advancing reel or tape and accurately positions them onto the PCB. Once all the components are placed, the machine's vision system checks for any misalignment or errors before proceeding with the next step in the assembly process.   The Samsung feeder's intelligent design allows for easy adjustment and quick changeover between different component sizes and types. This versatility is important as it enables efficient production of various electronic devices that can have different component requirements.   In summary, the Samsung feeder is a critical component used in pick and place machines for the accurate placement of electronic components onto PCBs. Its high precision, reliability, and versatility make it an essential tool for surface mount technology assembly lines. With the Samsung feeder, manufacturers can effectively meet the demand for high-quality electronic devices.  

Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering Machine WZ-350PC-LF Series Wave Soldering 1. The wave soldering furnace is designed with the principle of towingwelding to reduce the occurrence of air welding. 2. tin wave fast and shortdistance spray tin spray, discharge the bubble, 3. tin wave after a largeand smooth spray of tin liquid, increase the contact area of tin liquid andparts foot, to prevent the phenomenon of air welding and continuous welding. 3.The first wave peak nozzle design uses hydromechanics to producecolumnar jet wave peak, reduce the surface tension of liquefied metalsolve the leakage welding of element and the welding shadow of SMDelement. 4. Second the smooth wave nozzles have no impulse design, which canadjust the welding area, flow rate and time. 5.The automatic flux addition system can reduce the waste causedby artificial flux.   Model WS-200DS WS-250PC/DS-LF WS-300PC/DS/LF-LF WS-350PC/DS/LF-LF WS-450/550TOP-LF Control Method Touchscreen PC/Touchscreen PC/Touchscreen/Key PC/Touchscreen/Key 电脑+PLC控制 PC+PLC PCB width 50-200mm(Option:50-250mm) 50-250mm       Run power 3.5KW 4KW 5kw 7kw 9kw Total power 10kW 14kW 16kW 21kw 25KW Power 3相5线AC380V 50HZ 3相5线AC380V 50HZ 3相5线AC380V 50HZ 3相5线AC380V 50HZ "3相5线AC380V 50HZ3相5线AC380V 50HZ" SPray Pressure 0.3-0.5MPa 0.3-0.5MP a 0.3-0.5MPa 0.3-0.5MPa 0.3-0.5MPa Auto fill flux Manual ( Option自动 Auto ) Manual( Option自动 Auto ) Manual(Option自动Auto) Manual ( Option Auto ) Auto Preheater Zone number 2 2 3 3 4 Preheater lenght 650mm 900mm 1500mm 1800mm 2000mm Convey Speed 0-1600mm/min 0-1800mm/min 0-1800mm/min 0-2000mm/min 0-2000mm/min Pot Power 6kw 9kw 9kw 13.5kw 18kw Pot Capacity 130-150kg 160-200kg 260-300kg 350-400Kg 400-500Kg Weight Approx:550kg Approx:680kg Approx:900kg Approx;1200kg Approx:1800kg Shape size L2250xW1100xH1550mm L2700xW1200xH1650mm L3600xW1200xH1750mm L4300xW1320xH1750mm L4500xW1480/1580xH1750mm Body Size L1450xW1100xH1550mm L2000xW1200xH1650mm L2800xW1200xH1750mm L3600xW1320xH1750mm L3800xW1480/1580xH1750mm Option Single peak Single peak   Convey High   750+20mm 750+20mm 750+20mm PCB High   上Top 120mm下Bottom 20mm 上Top 120mm 下Bottom 20mm 上Top 120mm 下Bottom 20mm Speed Control   3°-7° Frequency Governor Frequency Chain Claw   Double hook short titanium claw Double hook short titanium claw Heavy Titanium Claw Conveyor   3°-7° 3°-7° 3°-7°  

Enhance Efficiency with Samsung SM481 Plus SMT Pick and Place Machine

Enhance Efficiency with Samsung SM481 Plus SMT Pick and Place Machine     The Samsung SM481 Plus is an advanced high-speed flexible pick-and-place machine used in the SMT (surface mount technology) industry. It belongs to Hanwha Precision Machinery's SM series of component placers, which have been widely recognized and trusted by customers worldwide. With its cutting-edge technology and enhanced vision system, the SM481 Plus offers exceptional performance and precision in chip mounting. It features two gantries equipped with 10 spindles per head, allowing for high-speed and efficient placement of electronic components onto circuit boards.   Key Features: 1. Speed and Efficiency: The SM481 Plus achieves a chip mounting speed of up to 40,000 CPH (chips per hour), making it one of the fastest machines in its class. This high throughput ensures efficient production and improved productivity. 2. Flexibility and Versatility: This pick-and-place machine offers flexibility in handling a wide range of component types and sizes, accommodating diverse assembly requirements. The fly camera and fixed camera options enhance accuracy and enable precise component placement. 3.Advanced Vision System: The SM481 Plus incorporates a reinforced vision system that ensures accurate alignment and placement of 4. components. This enhances quality control and minimizes errors, resulting in reliable and high-quality assemblies. Reliable Performance: With an extensive track record and over 15,000 units sold since its launch, the SM series has proven to be a reliable and durable solution for SMT assembly. Hanwha Techwin's expertise and know-how in component placing are well-recognized in the industry. 5. Using the Samsung SM481 Plus pick-and-place machine, manufacturers can achieve higher production efficiency, improved accuracy, and consistent quality in surface mount assembly processes. It is an essential tool in the manufacturing of various electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and other consumer electronics that utilize SMT technology.  


SAMSUNG HANWHA L2 PICK AND PLACE MACHINE   The production costs of a business can be reduced by using a flexible manufacturing system (FMS). Systems and equipment can be set up to produce a range of products and adapt to changing production levels. In comparison to more conventional systems, the cost of buying and installing specialist equipment that enables this customization could be high. Comparable to other equipment, the pick, and place machine DECAN L2 has a larger area capacity than its contemporaries. installation of small components quickly, with 56,000 CPH and 2 gantry flying vision heads (Optimum, FS06 Head) One benefit of the SAMSUNG/HANWHA L2 is that it supports the feature of detecting the LED lighting source as the center and attaching the Lens, which boosts the component processing capability. It also features a modular conveyor system, so the modular belt conveyor falls somewhere in the middle of the belt and chain conveyors. Individual plastic modules made up of a modular belt are often connected by joint rods. The conveyor’s base frame is built on typical profile supports, and this modular belt is operated by chain sprockets. Additionally, it contains 6 Spindles, 6 Flying Vision (FOV) Heads, and 6 Cameras for Batch Recognition while Picking Up 6 Components. Processable Components: 0402 21mm, H12mm. The PCB is suitable for this kind of equipment and has dimensions of 510x460mm (Standard) and L1,200xW460mm (Option). It also weighs 1,800 kg.   SPECIFICATION: There is a 56,000 CPH speed (Optimum) The equipment is a Two Gantry by Six Spindles/Head The accuracy (0402 Chip) is 40 m Cpk1.0, and it is 30 m Cpk1.0 (IC) Parts are 040255mm, L75 in size (H25mm) The PCB is 510x460mm in size (Standard) L1,200xW460mm (Option) Ability to Handle Large Parts 1,430 (L) x 1,740 (D) x 1,485 (mm) (H) 1,800 kilograms     SAMSUNG L2 CHIP MOUNTER MACHINE   Optimizing PCB transportation paths for productivity improvement Modular Conveyors ■ An optimal conveyor model configuration is possible according to production line composition (shuttle ↔ dual) applied with a modular conveyor that is replaceable on site. ■ PCB supply time is shortened as a result of high-speed shuttle conveyor operation. Minimized head path for improved equipment speed Twin Servo Control ■ Ensuring high-speed operation with a linear motor application to the Y axis, and twin servo control High-speed Flying Head ■ Minimized head movement path through recognizing parts during transportation following parts installation ■ 6-spindle head with individually operating Z axes   PICK AND PLACE MACHINE   Placement Accuracy: ±40㎛ (0402mm 01005inch) ■ Applied with a high-precision linear scale and rigid mechanism ■ Provides precision calibration algorithms and diverse automatic calibration functions   FLEXIBLE LINE SOLUTION Provides optimal line solutions through versatility and productivity improvement DECAN Line ■ Optimal line configuration from chips to uniquely-shaped components according to options setup Equipment capable of responding to large-scale PCBs, which can be remodeled on site ■ Standard equipment can be remodeled on site to equipment capable of large-scale PCB handling – Responsive to a maximum 1,200 x 460mm PCB Responsive to uniquely-shaped components (including tray components) ■ Responsive to a maximum 52mm(H25mm) IC when the stage vision option is applied ■ LED & LED lens placement with LED flipped & lens protrusions cognition   EASY OPERATION Strengthened equipment software operation convenience ■ Convenient production and editing of work programs with built-in equipment optimization software ■ Provision of a range of work data and information on a large-scale LCD screen   High-precision, convenient electric feeder ■ Calibration and maintenance-free electric feeder ■ Improved work convenience with a single reel bank mounted feeder ■ Improved productivity through the provision of automatic parts pick-up position alignment between feeders Reduced work load through parts connection automation (smart feeder) ■ Automatic loading and splicing capabilities implemented as an industry first – Significantly reduction in work time through feeder preparation and parts connection operation automation which were previously carried out manually ■ Zero consumables costs for parts connection attained ■ Speed : 56,000 CPH (Optimum) 0.55 sec/component (QFP100 0.5P) ■ Structure : 2 Gantry x 6 Spindles/Head ■ Accuracy : ±40μm Cpk≥1.0 (0402 chip) ±30μm Cpk≥1.0 (IC, Stage vision) ■ Parts Size : 0402 ~ 21mm, H12mm ~ 55mm, H25mm ■ PCB Size : 50 x 40 ~ 510 x 460mm (Standard) ~ 740 x 460mm (Option) ~ 1,200 x 460mm (Option)  
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