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Latest Company Case About The SlimKIC 2000 Advantages?
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The SlimKIC 2000 Advantages?

 Latest company case about The SlimKIC 2000 Advantages?

The SlimKIC 2000 simplifies profiling by reducing the process to PWI (Single Number) — so you exactly know how good the profile is. The PWI calculates the usage of the available process window by a given profile concerning its process specifications. The simple user interface supervises the executive during the profiling operation and reduces the chances of improper oven set-up and yield-reducing bugs.


Temperature profiling
This data informs you about the temperatures your product reached, for what period, and at what time of the process. Operation engineer knows the exact profile for their product and variations in ideal value signifies a possible problem-or poor quality. Analyzing the thermal profile, enables you to test and enhance the product quality, boost, and solve production problems.


The fundamental elements of an efficient temperature profiling system include:


Thermocouple sensors to collect temperature data
Data retrieval loggers to secure the information
Thermal barriers to shield the data loggers, and most important of all, temperature profiling software for the study and archiving of all temperature data.


Advantages of Temperature Profiling:
It gives you improved product quality
Enhances productivity
Reduces power costs
Certified process control
Fast new process setup with great efficiency
Fast troubleshooting


Minimum System Requirements For SlimKIC 2000
Dual-Core / 1 GHz Processor PC with 2 GB RAM
2 GB available storage
Video 1024 x 768 resolution / 16-bit
1 USB port (for data download)
1 USB port (for software key)
Microsoft Windows (32-bit or 64-bit)


SlimKIC 2000 Features: Makes Profiling So Simple, That Anyone Can Do It With Ease.
Robust Hardware, Yet Simple Structure
Innovative, patent-pending Technology
Automated processes for easy profiling
Easy to use software platform
Process Optimization
Word Class Customer Support


SlimKIC 2000 is designed to give the maximum value and a quick payback by streamlining your thermal processes. Investing in SlimKIC 2000 is a step toward the quality management and excellent process control.


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