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Advantages of new version Yamaha electric feeder

July 28, 2021

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1. The new version Chinese Yamaha electric feeder realizes the perfect subsititue of CL pneumatic feeder on the top of a feeder, which completely solves the traditional problems of the pnumatic CL feeder such as throwing, easy to wear, and short life. More powerful, smarter and more stable! One 8mm Yamaha electric feeder can realize the mounting of components such as 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2835 and other specifications component at the same time. The production efficiency has greatly increased.
2. No need to modify the feeder base, if you use the pneumatic feeder machine, only need to connect the power supply and signal line directly, it won't affect the pneumatic station, realizing electric and pneumatic mixing; strong versatility. Chinese brand pick and place machine and Yamaha YG12 YG200 YG100 YV100XG YV100XE YV100II can be used.
3. The original imported dual motor drive, feeding and stripping components are imported from Japan NXT motor instead of the traditional cylinder drive mode, which achieves dual motor synchronous collaboration, feeder feeding speed and accuracy are greatly improved.
4. Intelligent control board, multi-function handle with intelligent control panel, with advanced fine-tuning functions; gear switching, Y-axis fine-tuning, forward and backward, shutdown alarm, digital display and other practical functions are easier to operate and control.



latest company news about Advantages of new version Yamaha electric feeder  1

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