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Do you know how to operate used SMT machine correctly?

August 12, 2021

The most important used SMT machine is pick and place machine. Others include PCB solder paste printing machine, AOI testing equipment, reflow oven and other second-hand SMT equipment. These are automated production equipment. If you operate it slightly wrongly, it will seriously affect the production efficiency of the machine, and may also cause personal safety hazards. Therefore, it is very important to use the used SMT machine correctly. Let me share with you some suggestions!


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The core equipment in SMT production line of course is pick and place machine. The fully automatic chip mounter is a device used to realize high-speed and high-precision automatic placement of components. It is the most critical and complicated used SMT machine in the entire SMT production. Used smt pick and place machine has developed from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, and has developed to a multifunctional, flexible connection and modular development.

As a high-tech used SMT machine, the safe and correct operation is important to both the machine and people. The most basic thing for the safe operation is that the operator should have the most accurate judgment and should follow the following basic safety rules.


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Operators should receive training about the correct method of operation;

1. turn off the power when inspecting the used SMT machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustments (repair of the machine must be performed with the emergency button pressed or power off;

2. make sure YPU (programming unit) is in your hand to stop the machine at any time when “reading the coordinates” and adjusting the machine; make sure that the “interlocking” safety device remains effective to stop the machine at any time, and the safety inspection on the machine cannot be skipped or Otherwise, personal or machine safety accidents are likely to occur; only one operator is allowed to operate a machine during production;

3. during operation, make sure that parts of the body such as hands and head are outside the machine's range of movement;

4. the placement equipment must be correct Grounding;

5. Do not use the patch equipment in a gaseous or extremely dirty environment.

The most important point before using the used SMT machine is to receive correct and strict training and to pass the assessment before the machine can be officially operated.

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