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Company News About How to choose juki feeder?
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How to choose juki feeder?

Latest company news about How to choose juki feeder?

First let's know somthing about the categories of juki feeder.


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ATF, CTF, FTF, but in fact we often call it AF / CF / FF

Secondly, in addition to the latest ETF, juki feeder can be used on any juki model pick and place machine.

The following are the introduction of each juki feeder:

① Juki ATF feeder is a new feeder developed by Juki based on KE2070 and above high-speed machine. The feeder is easy to use and can be changed without stopping the machine. The waste plastic bags and paper tape can automatically sag into the waste box without the reel.

However, there were frequent cassettes in the early stage of the launch of the ATF juki feeder, and the waste plastic bags could not be exported normally. Juki has improved this problem later, and now the ATF feeder on the market has completely solved the problem of the cassette.


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ATF feeder has AF03HP, AF05HP, AF081E, AF081P and other models. At present, the ATF feeder has been developed to AF24MM. ② Juki feeder CTF model feeder is an old model feeder developed by Juki based on KE2050 2060 FX-1 medium speed machine. The feeder is easy to use. The waste plastic bags are taken up by the take-up reel, and the paper tape automatically sags into the waste bin. The CTF feeder , which has the highest market share, with a good reputation and stable quality.


CTF feeder has CF03HP feeder which use for 0201 components; CF05HP feeder pick 8*2mm feeder 0402 component; CF081E, CF081P feeder pick 0603 component. Now Juki has launched CTFR, a CTF upgrade. ③ FTF feeder is the general name of all mechanical feeders from 12mm (including 12mm) of Juki company. At present, almost all feeder in the domestic market are FTF models. This type juki feeder has also won a very good reputation among customers because of its stable quality.

Tomorrow I will introduce other types feeders, if you are interested in, welcome to contact us!