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Company News About How to solve Samsung SM feeder problems
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How to solve Samsung SM feeder problems

Latest company news about How to solve Samsung SM feeder problems

How to solve Samsung SM feeder problems


latest company news about How to solve Samsung SM feeder problems  0


When we test Samsung SM feeder, we often meet some problems, I will introduce some common problems and the solutions

1. Samsung SM feeder error message: Index error

Solution: Since the cylinder is not reset within the specified time delay, check whether the material is reeled, and manually rotate the material belt gear to see if it is stuck

2.Samsung SM feeder error message: yellow light

Solution: the sensor can not detect the stop, adjust the cylinder stroke screw or check whether the sensor is good.

3.Samsung SM feeder error message: Open error (cylinder has no action)

Solution: the cylinder does not work caused the failure. Check in sequence whether the thimble is intact, whether the solenoid valve circuit is in good contact, and check the control board, the solenoid valve, cylinder, and the air supply pipeline.

4.Samsung SM feeder error message: Open error (cylinder moves a bit)

Solution: replace the sensor.

5.Samsung SM feeder error message: The feed gear does not rotate or the speed is not sensitive

Solution: Check whether there is component on the feed gear, and check whether the cylinder is fixed, the air pressure is normal, the pressure cover movement is sensitive and whether the cylinder is flexible, you can adjust the gear stroke, clean the pressure cover and do grease maintenance, if component is stuck inside the cylinder, then it need to be replaced.

6.Samsung SM feeder error message: the light is not on

Solution: Check the control board, re-plug or replace it, check whether the switch is in good contact.

7.Error message: the feeder light is green but cannot be operated

Solution: check whether the thimble is intact and check the control board

8.Error message: pushing the feeder gear will move back a bit

Solution: adjust the stroke screw of the gear

9.Error message: the center position of the component contour display is offset

Solution: The small runner of the feeder base is hit and deformed, it can be repaired with a tool.