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Company News About How to use smd component counter?
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How to use smd component counter?

Latest company news about How to use smd component counter?

SMD component counter has two kind of models: ordinary components counter and leak hunting components counter.

Ordinary smd component counter: uses the electro-optical sensing principle, carries using the components leads the pilot hole and the components corresponding relationships, through the special-purpose processing chip and large scale integrated circuit processing, realizes the zero error, the accurate determination SMD components counting quantity, may realize the convenience quick counting, is the SMT material management highly effective supporting facility.


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Leak hunting smd component counter: provides the high speed optical fiber, according to the spatial material and the solid material candle-power contrast principle, examines accurately knows the spatial material. The user-friendly design may cut examines knows the spatial material to stop two conditions, the former convenience assembly line work quality control, the latter may realize the warehouse inventorying zero error.

Completely automatic way computation components quantity, facilitates a material, sends the material work simplicity of operator, has a special inventive mind against material belt will fall off the design to reduce to the material belt's injury to is smallest, forward and reverse all may count, but preinstall quantity, will calculate quantity precisely, zero error. May install the scanning gun and the bar code printer, facilitates the management work.


SMD component counter operating mode: Presses down this key, the components which may by select and purchase a bar code row copier which will count, quantity row on the bar code label.


SMD component counter operating procedure: If the display monitor demonstration is “00000”, then presses down this key, the display monitor demonstrated “-----”, establishment input components quantity

SMD component counter operating procedure: After pressing down this, demonstrated that curtain's PITCH value will glitter, then the input material spacing, will press down “ENTER” again The key determined, if does not have the pressed key after 5 seconds, the automatic memory, after exuding D one, replies the readiness for action.