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Company News About Large supply of SMT parts
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Large supply of SMT parts

Latest company news about Large supply of SMT parts

SMT parts are essential to SMT machines!!!

What are the main SMT parts of pick and place machine?


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More and more manufacturers are currently using full-automatic pick and place machines. The requirements of enterprises for pick and place machines are high placement accuracy, fast placement speed, stable placement. It is also organized by a variety of SMT parts. In the SMT production line, the pick and place machine is configured after the dispenser or solder paste printer, and the surface mount components are accurately placed on the PCB pads by moving the placement head. It is an automated device. Therefore, if you want to produce efficiently, the pick and place machine needs high-speed movement. So what are the main SMT parts of the machine?


The accessories of the SMT pick and place machine are feeder, motor, nozzle, filter, substrate camera, belt, seal ring, guide rail, solenoid valve, lens, nozzle shaft, solenoid valve and other SMT parts, and nozzle and feeder are wearing parts, so the demand will be relatively large, other accessories are broken and need maintenance replacement mechanism or component. The placement head can be moved. Among them, the screw, guide rail and motor wear the most during the placement work. When purchasing the pick and place machine, you need to consult the machine manufacturer about the brand of these parts. Good mounter manufacturers must have good mounter SMT parts.


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Nozzles and feeders are consumables, especially the nozzles, which can be used for one or two years if they are well maintained, if can't be maintained well may need to be replaced within six months. SMD components are customized, and different types of nozzles are made for different materials. The pick and place machine feeder has electric and pneumatic feeders. Compared with pneumatic feeders, electric feeders are more stable and durable. There are hundreds of SMT parts, which are not listed one by one. The mounter needs to work repeatedly. It is normal to replace the accessories. When buying a mounter, you need to know the parts of the mounter. After all, the mounter It is also a combination of accessories.