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Electronics production machinery SMT Samsung decan s1 s2 pick and place machine

Electronics production machinery SMT Samsung decan s1 s2 pick and place machine   Pick and Place Machine, 03015 Ready and highly flexible with wide component range, high accuracy and large board options up to 1500mm in length. Capable of placing SMT components up to 75mm in length and down to 0.3mm lead pitch.   Pick and Place Machine, highly flexible with wide component range, high accuracy and large board options up to 1500mm in length. The new DECAN S1 is a 10 spindle machine with huge capability.   New improved mega pixel fly cameras allow SMT Placement of 03015 components on the fly using an improved SMT CN015 nozzle. To repeatedly place these components require a higher level of accuracy, so the DECAN S1 drive has been improved and now has increased accuracy and repeatability of ±28μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/Chip and ±35μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0/IC.   Very easy to use with a simple graphical parts database interface making it very quick to learn. Full vision system with auto-teach function making it quick and simple to set up new parts not known to the database. Use of SMART Feeders for small strips of components and of course auto loading and auto splicing, reducing loading time to just under 10 seconds as opposed to 40. Highly reliable and low cost per placement and in fact low cost of ownership. People love these machines because the average consumable parts cost per year is around £100 for a set of vacuum filters, so extremely low cost of ownership!   CPH (Optimum) 47'000 Max. PCB Size (Standard) (mm) 510 x 510 Feeder Capacity (8mm) 120 Max. Component Height (mm) 15mm Max. Component Size (mm) 55 x 55, 75mm Long Connector Min. Component Size metric/imperial 03015 Optional PCB Sizes (mm) 1500 x 460 Placement Accuracy +/-28um @3 sigma     Hanwah Decan S1 SMT Pick And Place Machine   • Improves actual productivity • Improves placement quality • Reduces loss rate   Highest Performance among Chip Mounters of the Same Class • Improves the microchip loss rate and placement quality by preventing the occurrence of air leaks   Run Time Calibration Highest Applicability of Medium Speed Chip Mounters to PCBs • 510 x 510mm (standard) / 1500 x 460mm (option) – Possible to produce PCBs up to 1,500mm(L) x 460mm(W) in size   Expands the Component Recognition Range with a High Pixel Camera • The fly camera can recognize all chips of 03015 ~  16mm   Improves Simultaneous Pickup Rate • Arranges pocket positions automatically through communication between the machine and feeder   Improves the Placement Speed of an Odd-Shape Component • Increases speed by approximately 25% by optimizing the fix camera recognized motion sequence   Places Microchips Stably   Recognizes the Nozzle Center     • Maintains placement accuracy by performing automatic calibration during production   Auto Maintenance Prevents Pickup Error and Maintains Placement Quality* • Measures pneumatic pressure and flow rate of the nozzle and shaft • Removes foreign materials on the nozzle and shaft by high pressure air blast   Increased Convenience of Operation   Reduces the Teaching Time of a Large Odd-shape Component • Expanded FOV of Fiducial Camera:  7.5mm →  12mm – Reduces the time to teach the component pickup/placement point and improves the convenience of teaching   Maintains the Pickup Coordinate of the Common Feeder • When changing a model, reduces the model changing time by succeeding the pickup information of a similar model   Unifies the Chip Component Lighting Level • By setting the same lighting value collectively, minimizes the lighting changing time, removes the productivity deviation by machine and improves the convenience of part DB management   Support of Multi-vendor Component * • It’s possible to manage the same components supplied by two suppliers in one part name, so it’s Possible to perform production continuously without changing the PCB program for the components supplied by different vendors   Teaches Large-sized Components Easily (Panoramic View) • Performs split-recognition of a large-sized component that is out of the camera recognition range (FOV) and merges split component images into a single image before displaying. – Easily teaches the pickup/placement position of a large-sized component  



pcb conformal coating spray

While PVA is known globally for its world-class dispensing and conformal coating equipment, what truly sets us apart from our competitors is our technical knowledge and award-winning service.   What Are Conformal Coatings? A conformal coating is a thin polymeric film applied to a printed circuit board (PCB) in order to protect the board and its components from the environment and corrosion. The film is typically applied at 25-250µm and ‘conforms’ to the shape of the board and its components, covering and protecting solder joints, the leads of electronic components, exposed traces, and other metallised areas from corrosion, ultimately extending the working life of the PCB.   Why do I need a Conformal Coating? A newly manufactured printed circuit board will generally perform well, but performance can quickly deteriorate due to external factors in its operating environment. Conformal coatings can be used in a wide range of environments to protect printed circuit boards from moisture, salt spray, chemicals and temperature extremes in order to prevent such things as corrosion, mould growth and electrical failures. The protection provided by conformal coatings allows for higher voltage gradients and closer track spacing, in turn enabling designers to meet the demands of miniaturisation and reliability.   Which industry requires Conformal Coatings? The use of conformal coatings is particularly important in automotive, military, aerospace, marine, lighting, industrial and green energy applications. However due to the rapid expansion of the electronics industry, conformal coatings are also finding their way into the domestic and mobile electronics industries, providing the necessary combination of high performance and reliability within a vast array of electronic devices.   Conformal Coating Selection and Best Practice: Whilst it is tempting to choose your coating based on cost factors, it is important to remember that to achieve the right level of protection from your coating material you will need to carefully select the right material for your application. Different types of coating will perform better in different operating environments, therfore selecting the best coating for your application is paramount to achieving the levels of protection you require. We have provided the basis for you to make your selection here, however our unrivalled technical support team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have and to assist you in selecting the right material.   Conformal Coating Types Coatings can be categorised by their base chemistry, each option having its own beneficial properties for the different environments the PCB will be operating in. The most widely used materials are historically solvent-based, the benefits of which include: Ease of processing and application Simple viscosity adjustment Suitability for a range of application methods Tailored application and cure   Acrylic Coatings Acrylics combine reasonable price with good environmental protection; they retain clarity and can resist darkening and hydrolysis during extended exterior exposure. They do however have a limited solvent resistance, making them suitable for re-work but not applications where chemical resistance is important. Acrylic coatings offer good flexibility and all round protection They offer excellent humidity and salt mist protection They are easy to apply and remove and dry quickly at room temperature via simple solvent evaporation They have a wide operating temperature range. They have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates  



FUJI NXT M3 Ⅱ Pick and Place Machine

FUJI NXT M3 Ⅱ Pick and Place Machine M3 II / M6 II: 48mm x 48mm ~ 510mm x 534mm (double handling rail) 48mm x 48mm ~ 610mm x 534mm (single transport track) M6 IISP: 48mm x 48mm ~ 510mm x 520mm (double handling rail) 48mm x 48mm ~ 610mm x 520mm (single handling track) Component Type: M3 II: MAX 20 (8mm tape conversion) M6 II / M6 IISP: MAX 45 (8mm tape conversion) Mounting accuracy: H12S / H08 / H04 / OF: ± 0.05mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00 H01 / H02 / G04: ± 0.03mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00 GL: ± 0.10mm (3 sigma) cpk≥1.00 Production capacity: H04: 6,500 cph; H01: 4,200 cph; G04: 6,800 cph; OF: M3 II not mountable / M6 II 3000 cph; GL: 16,363 dph (0.22 sec / dot)) H04: 6,000 cph; H01: 3,500 cph; G04: 5,100 cph; OF: 2,800 cph, GL: 16,363 dph (0.22 sec / dot)) Object components: H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5mm x 7.5mm high: MAX 3.0mm H08: 0402 ~ 12mm x 12mm high: MAX 6.5mm H04: 1608 ~ 38mm x 38mm high: MAX13mm H01 / H02 / OF: 1608 to 74 mm × 74 mm (32 mm × 180 mm) Height: MAX 25.4 mm G04: 0402 ~ 15.0mm x 15.0mm high: MAX 6.5mm   Component Supply: Smart feeder: corresponding to 8,12,16,24,32,44,56,72,88 mm width of the tape Material feeder: 4≤ element width≤15mm (6≤ tube width≤18mm), 15≤ element width≤32mm (18≤ tube width≤36mm) Tray unit: 135.9X322.6mm (JEDEC standard) (Tray unit M), 276X330mm, 138X330mm (Tray unit LT)   Machine size: 2MII Base: 740 (L) x 1934 (W) 4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W) H: 1474 mm (M3 II) 1476 mm (M6 II / M6 IISP)



Reflow Oven w/New Low Height Top Shell

Our New MK7 Reflow Oven is the World’s Best SMT Convection Reflow Oven for High-Throughput Applications This new reflow oven platform revolutionizes the industry with several new ground breaking designs and incorporates all of the customer requests for lower Delta T, reduced nitrogen consumption and extended PM into a new low height package that makes it easy to see across the production floor.   1. Highest Yield Reflow Oven! 2. Lowest Delta T on the board 3. Lowest Nitrogen & Electrical Usage! 4. Maintenance Free! 5. VOID Free Reflow Oven – with Vacuum option 6. Industry 4.0 Compatibility 7. Integrated Cpk software at No Charge!   Reflow Oven w/New Low Height Top Shell The new low height top shell provides much easier access for reflow oven operators. All skins have double insulation to save up to 10-15% in reflow soldering energy loss.   INDUSTRY 4.0 Compatible Reflow Oven Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) — Smart factories, intelligent machines and networked processes through the use of cyber-physical systems. Enhanced low height heater module provides the lowest Delta Ts on the reflow oven with better air flow and uniformity! The Uniform Gas Management system eliminates “net flow” which results in nitrogen consumption reductions of up to 40%! New semi-circular heater is more robust and efficient with much longer lifetime.   Revolutionary Flux Management System Our reflow oven has a revolutionary flux collection system that traps the flux in collection jars which can be easily removed and replaced while the reflow soldering oven is running – saving time consuming P.M. The new flux filtration box also has no risk of flux clogging for a longer-term P.M. interval. Additionally, our proprietary Flux-Free Grill system limits the flux residue on the cooling grills giving the Heller reflow oven system the highest production yields of any oven!        



SMD PCB Machine Automated Optical Inspection Saki AOI Machine

AC220V SMD PCB Machine Automated Optical Inspection Saki AOI Machine   SAKI 2D AOI BF-Planet-X II For M-size boards, this inline, high-speed, space-saving model, at only 60cm wide, has the smallest footprint in its class. It handles boards of 330x250mm and scans them in only 4 seconds.   BF-PLANET XII By employing large-size telecentric lens optical system, BF-Planet-XII provides accurate and stable inspection results with 10um resolution. The machines correct brightness over the whole sample and compensate position aberration in real time while image is scanned, which will contribute to a stable imaging capability over time. In addition, a variety of algorithms and lighting types are available to deal with a wide range of inspection requirements in industry. Multiple data handling capabilities are provided such as switching settings by barcode reading and data output to customers’ data server in order to cope with line requirements flexibly.   High Resolution Imaging System With a superior resolution of 10μm and scanning line color CCD camera, BF-Planet-XII provide accurate and stable inspection results. Solder fillets on components as small as the high density mounted 01005(0402) chip, as well as IC’s with 0.4mm pitch lead are easily inspected and analyzed. High Throughput BF-Planet-XII has Saki’s original alternate scanning sys- tem that captures several lighting images in one scan- ning. Newly developed color capturing system enable to make scanning speed twice faster than previous model. It takes only 9 seconds to capture M-size board [250mm × 330mm]. Overall tact time including inspection also be- come shortened dramatically. Advantage of Line Scan Visual Inspection



Intelligent Smart SMD Component Counter SMT Chip Tape Reel Counter

Intelligent Smart SMD Component Counter SMT Chip Tape Reel Counter Name:Intelligent Smart SMD Component Counter SMT Chip Tape Reel Counter Model: COU2000ADV/COU2000EX Count range:-99999 ~ 99999pcs Reel Width:8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm Condition:original ·· Quality:top qualiy Payment:T/T before shipment Shipment:on-time shipment Warranty: 1 year Delivery:fedex,ups,dhl,as required Package:carton box with foam protect   The first one:Product features. 1. SMD parts counter, easy to operate, positive and negative can be counted, fast does the default function. 2. Can switch to detect the blank stop or not stop two states, accurate calculation quantity, zero error. 3. The quantity of preset parts can be used for the design of SMT belt type parts. 4. It can be equipped with scanning gun and bar code printer for easy management. 5. Fully control the number of SMT parts in the factory, and avoid the inventory and capital accumulation. Small size, light weight, easy to carry.   The second:Scope of application. 1. Incoming inspection of automatic parts counter IQC. 2. The parts counter is used in electronic production of materials, materials and materials. 3. Packaging count and leakage inspection of parts counter. 4.It is very convenient to count the parts. 5. Part counter inventory management, etc. Suitable for industry are: electronics factory, SMT processing (SMT foundries) EMS professional electronics manufacturing service factory, SMD parts suppliers, manufacturers, SMD parts parts counter roll strip packaging manufacturers, etc., and other electronic related peripheral manufacture industry.   The third:Product principle. Using photoelectric sensing principle, the use of parts loaded with guide hole, the corresponding relationship between parts of accurate determination of number of SMD components, which can realize quick and easy counting, SMT material management is the effective auxiliary equipment, especially for outward processing of materials development work has a lot of help. Fully automatic calculation of the number of parts, convenient point materials, hair materials and inventory inventory. Low running noise. The unique design of the material for the material. Both positive and negative Numbers can be counted. LCD monitor, easy to read, operation panel in Chinese and English, easy to operate. Humanized operation platform design. High precision, no counting error.



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