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Panasonic pick and place machine price

September 7, 2021

Panasonic pick and place machine price

Today, we will talk about Maintenance methods of main parts of pick and place machine

1. the pick and place machine filter

The pick and place machine filter plays the role of compression and filtration pressure during the placement process to ensure the cleanness of the air-shrinking gas. If there is contamination on the filter, the filtering effect is not good, which will affect the suction force of the nozzle and directly affect Patch effect. When maintaining the placement machine, it is necessary to develop the habit of regularly replacing the filter, which is replaced every month, which is a consumable part. Therefore, there is a fixed number of spare parts for the mounter filter.


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2. the pick and place machine conveyor
Conveyor belts are used for the transfer of placement products. The conveyor belt will wear out during long-term use, and will break when worn to a certain extent. The mounter conveyor belt requires less backup, and there may be two copies for some parts that are often worn out.



3. the pick and place machine cylinder

The air cylinder is used in combination with a solenoid valve in a pick and place machine, and plays a role of lifting and stopping. In the mechanism of the pick and place machine, the cylinder is widely used. For example, the cylinder used on the placement head can set whether the placement head is used to stop the action; the rise and fall of the placement table, the cylinder according to the signal of the solenoid valve Perform telescoping to raise and lower the table. There will be wear and dust in the cylinder of the chip mounter during use. It should be inspected regularly. If the problem is found, it should be dealt with immediately. If the cylinder is not flexible or not in place due to the compressed air, clean it immediately. If the air leaks, the sealing ring may be aging, and the sealing ring must be replaced. If the piston is worn, the cylinder must be replaced.

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