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Price advantage of used SMT FUJI machine

August 3, 2021

The requirements for the operation site during the production work of the pick and place machine:

1. The voltage must be stable, electromagnetic interference must be prevented, and antistatic

2. There must be good lighting and exhaust emission facilities

3. The temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness of the operating environment must Special requirements

4. Operators must take professional technical training before they can start work.


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The following explains the precautions for the production of the pick and place machine.

First, the preparation work before the placement machine

1.After learning from PMC or purchasing department that a certain model is ready for trial investment, it is necessary to know the person responsible for the development of the model and the person in charge of the biotech model in order to obtain related resources and assistance in the future;

2.Borrowing a prototype: You need to make a simple understanding of the relevant functions of the produced model, and most of them have a good product full-function test several times;

3.Understand all the post-weld components of the model, plan the post-weld process, evaluate the post-weld operation and post-weld precautions


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4.Understand the use of test fixtures (there is often no test fixture for the first trial production), and plan testing projects and processes;

5.Understand the component layout of the entire PCB and evaluate the production considerations for the characteristics of certain components;

6. The SMT materials to be prepared by biotechnology include “component location diagram”, “BOM table”, and “schematic diagram”. These materials must be the same version as the PCB produced;

7.It is best to prepare a sample before departure;


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