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Price advantage of used SMT Panasonic machine

August 25, 2021

Price advantage of used SMT Panasonic machine

1. Pick Pick Defects: Pick defects can be classified as feeder failure, vacuum failure or visual failure. Pick defects reduce net output and waste good parts.

2. Look at the reliability / availability and maintainability of the placement machine: The data about reliability / availability and maintainability is announced by the supplier based on actual field experience.


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3. Look at the placement machine preventive maintenance: Preventive and corrective maintenance keeps the SMT placement system running at its prescribed speed and accuracy

4, see the pick and place machine process capability (Cpk, Process Capability): refers to X, Y and Θ related placement accuracy level. The X, Y, and Θ errors of a machine are considered separately and not collectively. (Accuracy) By judging the accuracy of the placement machine, understand whether all the materials to be placed in the placement factory can be better, and it is better to be more accurate than the actual materials to ensure that the placement qualification rate meets the requirements.

5. Look at the output of the placement machine (Throughput): It involves the measurement of transfer, manufacturing and tact time. (Speed) Calculate whether the production capacity meets the factory production schedule requirements by judging the placement speed of the placement machine.

6, placement defects (Placement Defects): the probability of placement defects usually (defective rate) by judging the placement defects of the placement machine to understand whether the yield rate meets the requirements, thereby reducing costs and production time.

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