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Company News About Reflow Oven w/New Low Height Top Shell
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Reflow Oven w/New Low Height Top Shell

Latest company news about Reflow Oven w/New Low Height Top Shell

Our New MK7 Reflow Oven is the World’s Best SMT Convection Reflow Oven for High-Throughput Applications
This new reflow oven platform revolutionizes the industry with several new ground breaking designs and incorporates all of the customer requests for lower Delta T, reduced nitrogen consumption and extended PM into a new low height package that makes it easy to see across the production floor.


1. Highest Yield Reflow Oven!
2. Lowest Delta T on the board
3. Lowest Nitrogen & Electrical Usage!
4. Maintenance Free!
5. VOID Free Reflow Oven – with Vacuum option
6. Industry 4.0 Compatibility
7. Integrated Cpk software at No Charge!


Reflow Oven w/New Low Height Top Shell
The new low height top shell provides much easier access for reflow oven operators. All skins have double insulation to save up to 10-15% in reflow soldering energy loss.


INDUSTRY 4.0 Compatible Reflow Oven
Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) — Smart factories, intelligent machines and networked processes through the use of cyber-physical systems.

Enhanced low height heater module provides the lowest Delta Ts on the reflow oven with better air flow and uniformity! The Uniform Gas Management system eliminates “net flow” which results in nitrogen consumption reductions of up to 40%! New semi-circular heater is more robust and efficient with much longer lifetime.


Revolutionary Flux Management System
Our reflow oven has a revolutionary flux collection system that traps the flux in collection jars which can be easily removed and replaced while the reflow soldering oven is running – saving time consuming P.M. The new flux filtration box also has no risk of flux clogging for a longer-term P.M. interval. Additionally, our proprietary Flux-Free Grill system limits the flux residue on the cooling grills giving the Heller reflow oven system the highest production yields of any oven!


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