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Company News About Second hand juki pick and place machine price
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Second hand juki pick and place machine price

Latest company news about Second hand juki pick and place machine price

SMT placement machine needs to use motion drive and linear motor skills

1. Use ambiguous manipulation skills. The movement process is divided into three stages, that is, "slow-fast-slow", which changes in an "s" shape, thereby making the movement "soft" and fast;


2. The x-axis operation uses a dual servo motor drive system with a fully synchronous control circuit to speed up the movement;


3. The patented linear motor with high positioning accuracy and high repetition accuracy, high speed and acceleration, fast and stable (up to 55ms), small working current, and high precision control can be completed.


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SMT placement machine must have rapid detection skills

1.Laser and CCD application cooperation;

2.Dual camera-chip components and large-scale IC detection respectively;

3. Fast image acquisition and conversion circuit;

4. Advanced image processing and calculation software.

improve the SMT placement machine feeder skills

1.Feeding method of intelligent feeder, shorten component replacement time and manual errors;

2. Refueling without stopping

3.Double-belt feeder;

4. Large-capacity feeders, some placement machines can reach the capacity of 256 8mm feeders;

5.Replaceable trolley;

6. Tap and pack as much as possible for devices with more materials;

7. Efficient bulk feeding.


optimize the placement process of the SMT placement machine

Optimization guidelines:

1.The number of nozzle changes is extremely small;

2.The journey of picking and patching is very short

3, multi-head placement machine should also consider the number of pieces picked up each time

7. Operate the machine in accordance with the safe operating procedures for the maintenance of the SMT placement machine.

improve SMT placement machine software skills

1. Various forms of PCB files, directly optimized to generate patch program files, reducing manual programming time;

2.Offline programming for multiple varieties and small batches;

3. Machine fault self-diagnosis system and large-scale production induction management system

4. Intelligent operation system.


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