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Company News About SMT automated optical inspection
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SMT automated optical inspection

Latest company news about SMT automated optical inspection

Automated optical inspection is to inspect PCB, it can improve work effiency and reduce risk and save costs. Today, I want to introduce our hottest-selling automated optical inspection SAKI BF-18D-P40 offline machine to you.

This machine is very cheap but in very good condition, all in all, it is cost-effecttive, our customers are all satisfied with our machine, SAKI AOI is the best AOI machine!

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Automated optical inspection SAKI BF-18D-P40 excellent high speed inspection capability in the industry


The alternating color digital scanning system ensures that the complete image of the whole PCB board can be obtained by one scan, so that the high speed inspection can be realized. Scanning a medium size PCB plate (250*330mm) takes only 12 seconds. Linear scanning and alternate lighting systems ensure that multiple complete images of the entire PCB board can be obtained by one scan.


Automated optical inspection the scope of application has been broadened

The net height of the PCB substrate expands upwards to the 40mm down to the 60mm to check the PCB board with high components. Table machine is suitable for any process, paste printing process, reflux solder furnace process, and back process.


Automated optical inspection high-trust optical system

The use of telecentric focusing lenses and automatic digital dimming systems greatly enhances the repeatability and compatibility of the machine, thus ensuring the high accuracy of the inspection results. In addition, high brightness MLT lighting system

The functions of optical character recognition, polarity checking and tin paste condition checking are realized, and more clear real images are obtained. The unique lens has been developed to correct the distortion of the edge angle of the image, thus ensuring the accuracy of the inspection results. The brightness of each pixel in the image is automatically calibrated to obtain a clearer real image. High brightness LED (complete coaxial oblique lighting, true color lighting system, low angle oblique lighting)


Automated optical inspection high resolution image processing system

18 μ m high resolution color linear CCD ensures an accurate and stable check of soldering status of 0201 (0603) microchip elements and 0.4mm pin spacing IC elements.


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Automated optical inspection Check process time shortening

In the process of confirming all kinds of bad appearance, the technology of image processing in memory is adopted, which shortens the waiting time of inspection.

The loading time of PCB substrate can be measured by the area sensor system at the entrance of the substrate, and the safety and high speed of the inspection process can be realized by using the check-start function.

When inspecting two-sided patches, the machine can automatically identify the front and back of the PCB board and automatically switch the preset detection program so that it corresponds to the front and back of the PCB board.

Automated optical inspection bar code recognition function

Using barcode recognition (* optional) to recognize 1 / 2 dimension (QA.) The identified bar codes can be used in conjunction with other analysis software platforms to establish the status records of each production base switch.

Automated optical inspection prevention of missing items

By using the OK signal function (* optional) to equip the OK signal function and press the OK signal to judge the substrates with good products, the problem of checking the missing items can be prevented.

We have many SAKI automated optical inspection AOI machines in stock, both inline and offline, if you are interested in, welcome to contact us!