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SMT GSM Universal nozzle supplier

August 12, 2021

SMT GSM Universal nozzle supplier



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Our company is devoted to producing various nozzles, so we have all SMT nozzles, like SMT Samsung nozzle,

SMT Yamaha nozzle, SMT Fuji nozzle, SMT Juki nozzle, SMT Siemens nozzle, SMT GSM Universal nozzle and so on...

Today I wanna intoruce SMT GSM Universal nozzle to you.

Specific performance characteristics of SMT GSM Universal nozzle


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SMT Universal nozzle base is made of high-quality materials (stainless steel / iron / aluminum alloy / plastic steel, etc.) manufactured by imported fully automatic CNC machining compound center. It is formed by turning, milling, grinding, polishing, drilling, milling and reaming at a time The precision control is perfect, and the error is 1 ~ 2μm. The concentricity of the universal nozzle is absolutely guaranteed. It needs to be closely matched with the inner and outer holes. It is processed by fine grinding technology, and the vacuum value is absolutely guaranteed. Anodizing, sand blasting and other processes.

Because the SMT GSM universal nozzle holder is connected to the machine holder body, the degree of cooperation directly determines the center degree, vacuum degree, and even height of the nozzle after it is installed. Whether the automatic nozzle change is smooth and whether the recognition can pass, etc. The size of the seat is very important.

The SMT GSM universal nozzle is made of anti-static materials, and is precision-molded. The nozzle is made of plastic or natural silicone rubber. Global FH 058F nozzle /, Global FH 234F nozzle /, Global FH 340F nozzle /, Global market base.

SMT GSM Universal nozzle part number

Universal Lightning .125 Compliant Cup Nozzle (3220) 51305405

Universal Lightning .234 Compliant Cup Nozzle (3240) 51305407

Universal Lightning .340 Compliant Cup Nozzle (3260) 49783207

Universal Lightning 042 Steel Conical Nozzle (3420) 51305401

Universal Lightning 042MF Melf Nozzle (3320) 49783226

Universal Lightning 0603 Compliant Nozzle (3530) 51305402

Universal Lightning 0805 Compliant Nozzle (3540) 51305403

Universal Lightning 0805 Steel Conical Nozzle (3440) 51305411

Universal Lightning 083MF Melf Nozzle (3340) 49783231

Universal Lightning 1206 Compliant Nozzle (3550) 51305404

Universal Flexjet 2/3 .125 Cup Nozzle (1220) 51305301

Universal Flexjet 2/3 .234 Cup Nozzle (1240) 51305302

Universal Flexjet 2/3 .340 Cup Nozzle (1260) 51305303

Universal Flexjet 2/3 0402 Ceramic Nozzle (1040) 51305309

Universal Flexjet 2/3 042MF Melf Nozzle (1320) 51305307

Universal Flexjet 2/3 0603 Ceramic Nozzle (1060) 51305310

Universal Flexjet 2/3 083MF Melf Nozzle (1340) 51305306

Universal Flexjet 2/3 08MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (1120) 51305305

Flexjet 2/3 10MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (1140) 51305325

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