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Company News About SMT Pick and Place machine supplier
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SMT Pick and Place machine supplier

Latest company news about SMT Pick and Place machine supplier

Pick and Place machine supplier

1. The engineers in the production workshop of the SMT machine processing production combined with the monthly plan and the BOM and PCB location map provided by the engineering department, compiled the product program of the new product in advance to ensure that the program can be produced before going online.


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2. The permanent BOM change issued by the SMT SMT Production Engineering Department. The engineer needs to modify the computer's backup mounter program immediately. After the modification is complete, the new program must be copied to the computer backup to overwrite the old program, including the patch. The program stored in the machine guarantees that the product can be produced directly without adjusting the program before going online.


3. When the new product is proofed for the first production, the engineer needs to enter the placement machine program into the placement machine to adjust the coordinate, angle, and parts database to ensure the smooth and qualified production of the new product.


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4. After the SMT new product proofing is completed, the engineer needs to summarize the product and notify the production technicians, quality, engineering, and plan related personnel of the proofing summary report by email to make subsequent improvements. The engineer needs to track the improvement during the next production. If there is no change, feedback to relevant personnel.


5. SMT production technicians cannot change the placement machine program (placement bit number, material change, FEEDER position number) without authorization. The main authority of the technician to modify the placement machine is: program transfer, position coordinate adjustment, position angle adjustment. 、 Release of alarm information, adjustment of parts database.