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Yamaha feeder daily inspection and maintenance

July 27, 2021

Yamaha feeder is used to distribute components from component reels. Basically yamaha feeder has two types, the SS type feeder and the CL type feeder.


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CL type feeder is pnumatic feeder, SS type feeder is electric feeder,


Purpose: In order to be able to use the yamaha feeder safely for a long time, periodic inspection and maintenance must be carried out.

1.Daily check


Before using the tape feeder, please check the following related items.

Whether the fixing rod is loose ?

Whether the material guide is loose Whether the screws are loose?

Are there any deformed or damaged components?

Is there any component missing?

2.Cleaning material guide
In the gap between the tape guide and the plate, if falls into electronic components or other garbage, it will cause the looseness of the tape guide and the deformation of the component transfer port, causing the component failing to to pick. When a similar phenomenon occurs, please follow the steps
step1 Remove the material guide.
Loosen the screws that fix the tape guide shaft above, and remove the tape guide and the guide shaft. Please use a screwdriver to turn the tape guide shaft for easy removal.


Step 2 clean up.
Please use a brush to take the trash between the guide rail and the plate


Step 3 Confirm the operation status of the component transfer port.
Confirm that the component transfer port is operating correctly. If it is caught or sluggish, please replace the new tape guide in time.

Step4 install the material with guide rail.

Install the tape guide and the guide shaft on the plate in the reverse order. Please turn the guide shaft 180 degrees counterclockwise with a flat blade screwdriver

Add resilience. Keep this state and tighten the fixing screw of the material guide shaft. Afterwards, please make sure that there is no gap between the tape guide and the plate.


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