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Company News About Yamaha YSM20 high-efficiency modular surface mounter
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Yamaha YSM20 high-efficiency modular surface mounter

Latest company news about Yamaha YSM20 high-efficiency modular surface mounter


1) Two types of beam variations
The fundamental structure of the new Z:LEX YSM20 features a highly-durable, precision-made monocoque frame that is designed to maintain mounting accuracy over extended periods. In addition, the new model employs a universal platform, where customers are able to select from either the 2-beam or single-beam X-axis configuration to meet demands for mounting capacity, versatility and budget. This provides more freedom in configuring mounting lines.

2) Featuring two types of newly-developed heads that are based on the "1 head solution" concept
Compatible with super-small components (such as the 03015 (0.3mmx0.15mm) size) to large components
The two types of new heads are developed with the ideal of the "1 head solution" concept, which allows compatibility with a wide range of components at high speeds without the need for head replacement. The new heads can help reduce downtime due to head replacement, as well as expensive costs for purchasing spare replacement heads. Both head types come standard with side-view recognition function, enabling the detection of the existence of components as well as its pick-up orientation and tilt status. In addition, the unit’s nozzle self-diagnosis function ensures a high level of mounting quality and reliability.
• HM (High-Speed Multi) Head: An all-round "high-speed multi-purpose head" which provides the world's fastest mounting speed in its class, as well as the versatility to handle super-small chip components such as the 03015(mm) size, as well as larger components of up to L45mmxW100mmxH15mm.
• FM (Flexible Multi) Head: An "odd-shaped components head" which is compatible with load controls, and handles super-small chip components such as the 03015(mm) size, as well as larger and taller components of up to L55mmxW100mmxH28mm.

3) Components supply device with excellent operability
• Compatibility with the electric-drive intelligent tape feeder "ZS Feeder" and "SS Feeder" that employ microcomputer controls to provide a high-speed components supply and high-accuracy components positioning. A maximum of 140 units (max. 8mm tape feeder conversion) can be installed. (When using the fixed plate; up to 128 units can be set for feeder carriage options.) When the "ZS Feeder" is used, a non-stop feeder replacement option can also be selected.
• The Z:LEX YSM20 is available with the sATS30 30-step fixed automatic tray supply unit, and the cATS10 10-step automatic tray supply carriage unit which allows for replacement with feeder carriages. A mixture of the two different tray supply units can be installed, and up to two tray supply units can be installed onto one YSM20 device.


4) Ability to select the conveyor system according to the production process
The conveyor system can be selected from dual stage (available for the 2-beam option only), dual lane, or single lane according to production volume and circuit board size. This enables the Z:LEX YSM20 to be compatible with a minimum circuit board size of L50mmxW50mm, and a maximum circuit board size of L810mmxW480mm (for dual stage or single lane) or L810mmxW230mm (for dual lane).

5) An excellent mounting speed of 90,000 CPH (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)
Through the use of the next-generation servo system featuring a high-speed control technology similar to that found in Yamaha Motor's high-end model "Z:TA YSM40'. Furthermore, other detailed refinements have been made, such as the newly-developed Z-axis linear motor, the use of a miniature scan camera unit, and miniaturization and weight reduction of the head. As a result, the new model has increased mounting capabilities. With the 2-beam, 2-head configuration (HM spec) and under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor, the Z:LEX YSM20 achieves the world's fastest mounting speed in its class of 90,000 CPH. This is an improvement of over 20% compared to the YS24 mounter.

6) "Smart recognition", which allows odd-shaped components to be handled quickly
"Smart recognition" comes standard with the Z:LEX YSM20, which allows recognition data of irregularly-shaped components to be created in a short period of time and realizing a highly robust recognition.

7) High level of mounting quality
The new Z:LEX YSM20 features a further-developed MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System). This system provides comprehensive compensation for deviations in the numerous factors involved in accuracy multiple times, enabling a mounting accuracy level of ±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ).

8) Easily-controllable operation system
While making it easily adaptable for users of conventional models, the Z:LEX YSM20 comes standard with a user-friendly touch panel that is easy to operate. Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean language options are available.